For the summer project I based my work heavily on Elinor Caruccis book ‘Closer’. I wanted to document my simple everyday life but I wanted to do it in a more modern format that reflected my life and the times. Because of this I decided to email myself images for each day I took them. I created an email address specifically for this purpose and would, each day, send my days photographs to that email adress, like an online diary.

Because I took so many photographs, I decided that I would, at the end, select the most effective ones and use them to show the final outcome of my summer work. This ended up being thirty four images from varying different times during the summer holidays.

I think this works effectively because if I had just shown all of them I would of bogged down the viewer and bored them instantly. This way is it is shorter, sweeter, and a more intense view of my summer life and thoughts at that time. I think doing it this way keeps it more intimate.

I found if difficult at times doing this project, because I wasn’t in a great mindset when I began. I was feeling claustrophobic, anxious and bored and was concerned that this would translate into bad photographs. What I was even more scared of was trying to find a way to translate my emotions without the photos becoming too staged or uncomfortably intimate. Instead I was able to channel some of this into some interesting photographs that I feel show how I was feeling at this time Without becoming too uncomfortable: neither for myself or the viewer, as at times I had looked at some photographers work who looks at intimate situations and felt like I shouldn’t be looking, like that photo of that moment just shouldn’t exist. Though I understand this is in some ways effective and what some photographers wish to achieve, It was something I wanted to overal avoid, as I am also not comfortable with that level of intimacy in my photographs yet.

I think in the end I succeeded in the project. I also thought it was a great way to get back into the swing of always having my camera with me and looking at the mundane in a more interesting light.