Good to put in quotes -> Make sure it is relevant

Turn phone off

Consider layout of presentation -> colours, sizing

Always come across as confident -> even if you are not!

Don’t tell them you are nervous, and don’t apologize. It puts the audience off.

Start by introducing self and why you are doing a presentation and what you are are doing a presentation about.

Practice speaking in public -> can do it to a camera

Don’t put all the info up on screen -> to cluttered


  • Bullet points -> talk about each bullet point in more detail instead of just putting all the information on the page.
  • Give out hand out sheets
  • Break down into subsections
  • Supply information afterwards

Give people time to read what you have put

Make sure spelling is correct

Face your audience

Keep things in order -> make sure PowerPoint is in the order you will speak about it

Don’t repeat yourself

Control environment you are in

  • Turn lights off
  • Where are people sitting? Arrange seating
  • What environment best suits your presentation?

Prepare -> means you will be calm

Nerves -> they do not go away

Focus on one person, a friend -> will make you calm and after a while you will relax into it

Pause -> means you have to present less and gives people a chance to write stuff down

Breath -> if you don’t you die and your presentation goes wrong

Things can go wrong with technology, be prepared

Keep people entertained – try to make yours slightly different

Why are we doing this? -> You have to present yourself to prospective jobs

Humour -> use it -> not all the time but it can be good to break things up -> make it relevant though!

End with a summary!

Key points

  • Define purpose/ set theme
  • Gather content and presentation ideas
  • Structure the subject matter
  • Develop how to present it
  • Prepare presentation
  • Practice
  • Plan, experience, control the environment
  • Rehearse/ rehearse/ rehearse!

Steve Jobs’ -> even if I don’t like him, he does great presentations.

How he does it/ techniques he uses

  • Provides a theme/ quote that sets the mood
  • Provide outline
  • Open and close each section clearly
  • Enthusiastic and passionate
  • Sell an experience
  • Make numbers meaningful
  • Make it visual
  • Paint simple image, don’t overpower
  • Give them a show
  • Rehearse
  • Spend time
  • ‘one more thing’ -> added bonus

Only 10% of your presentation can be other peoples content -> YouTube clips and such

That’s 1 minute of a 10 minute presentation -> DON’T FORGET