There are Rules

There are Criteria

We critique things every day in our lives -> Movies for instance

WHY ->Why do you like it?

->Why do you dislike it?

Even when you put clothes on there are complex ideas going through your head -> why you represent yourself the way you do

The more the questions go the more complicated it all gets

The minute you make a critique

Have to understand the processes of where your opinions come from

If you don’t like something -> Why not?


–        Gender

–        Ethnicity

–        Class

       Idea of Taste

–        Class

–        Gender

–        Ethnicity

–        Generation

All Constructed For You, Not By You

Coventry East Asian Film Society -> Go watch movies there

-> When you hear that it is foreign, what are your immediate assumptions about the films?

Cultural knowledge is severely limited in western society

Media gives us information that it wants to -> completely biased

Read and Explore who you are

Always ask Why


Walter Benjamin -> The works of Art in the age of mechanical reproduction