We were given the task of writing a 500 word letter to ourselves. We were to write it in the form of it being from our future self, one year from now, to us in the present day, just as we are starting our new degree.

I found this surprisingly difficult, I guess I am out of practice with my creative writing. I will have to keep working and improve on that.

I am not sure If I am completely satisfied with this. However I believe we will be doing another one this year so that will be a good opportunity to take what I have learnt from this task and use it in a constructive way.

Letter to Myself

It has been a year since you started this journey. A year since you uprooted your life to pursue a desire to better yourself and build a future you could be happy in.

The past year has not been easy, the anxiety never completely goes away, but you never expected it to, did you? You learn to control it, live with it without the medication, it’s not easy, but you get there.

You have friends now that you could never give up, people who you trust and they trust you. Your world is so much richer now, you know so much more than you did when you first arrived in Coventry. You were so scared of being alone weren’t you?

Your paranoia is all but gone now by the way. You have grown enough as a person to stop desperately worrying about what everyone thinks. The moment you learn to stop worrying and just enjoy yourself, it is like a weight being lifted that you can’t even imagine.

Just because you have changed though, doesn’t mean you are not still you. You are still with Nathan, happy and stronger than ever. And you still make it back to ‘Skullduggery’ games, see all your friends and have the same strong relationship with your family. You are never forgotten, any feelings of abandonment are mere figments of your imagination.

As for the photography course, it is everything you could have hoped for and more. The course leaders are fantastic, the other students on the course are people you now call friends and you are finally realising and developing your style. You have gained invaluable experience in terms of becoming a teacher, the course leaders have assured that. Just remember that not everything is set in stone. We could change our mind at any time, but if we do, you will have people by you to support you decision.

Remember not to rely on others to guide you with an outstretched hand. We have always worked for what we have wanted, the work ethic our parents taught us is ingrained, and that is incredibly useful throughout the year.

However, don’t be scared to ask for help. You are not alone, no matter what your twisted little mind tells you. Nathan and the family are always at the end of a phone and you will not be considered weak for finding things hard. You are always so hard on yourself; we need a break once in a while!

The next few years are not going to be easy; I don’t know what will happen to us.

But I am not only sure we can realise our goals, I am positive we will be pretty damn good at it too.