The description of the task was to produce a cumulative portrait of a structure that can not readily be portrayed in it’s entirety in one frame.

I am incredibly disappointed about how this project turned out. It just seemed to go from bad to worse. I had the idea of taking a photograph of a place I was unfamiliar with, with the thought that to really get to know somewhere you have to analyse, look at all the small details. You begin to notice imperfections along with hidden beauties. I chose a small little park like area that i could see the entrance to out of my window. I decided to go there at night to add to the idea of the unknown and also to really experiment with using a light meter and a 35mm manual camera. Not only did I lose the lens cap to the camera in the process, but the camera would not wind properly and all of the film got exposed so I lost my photographs.

Because of this I had to go back to a previous idea of photographing a simple object. My concept was that we usually clutter up our lives with things we find beautiful yet rarely properly ‘see’ them. So many people take one photograph of something and pop it up on social networking sights but don’t properly inspect the finer details. I wanted to capture something I found beautiful, really analysing the lines and curves of the object. Because of this I chose a tea pot/ cup that I have had for a few years. I didn’t want to just show the patterns or what makes it beautiful, I wanted to show the marks and the dust that has gathered from merely sitting in my room just ‘looking pretty’.


My problem with how this has turned out is that the majority of the photos appear overly ‘pretty’. I know it sounds foolish but I genuinely feel they are to ‘airy’ and that takes away from the photographic ideas and concepts. I don’t want them to be labelled as shallow.

What I feel was a success about this project was my manipulation of the light using the light meter. I also have gained a lot of experience with 35mm cameras and shooting in the dark, even if my photos were virtually destroyed. It’s all a learning curve and I feel this has been an invaluable one.

If I was to redo this project (I may return to it at a later date anyway) I would use a manual camera again and perhaps try some landscape or building photography.