This project was given to us with a much shorter time than usual to complete it. Never the less, I feel I have completed it with some very promising photographs.

The concept was quite simple: A homage to a precious object. This could be anything, and for a while I was stuck on what to pick. I decided on taking photos that was a gift from someone important to me, and my mind immediately went to a metal flower I own. It was made for me by somebody very important and because it is completely one of a kind and very important to me, it seemed the obvious choice.

We were told by our tutor that he would look at the photographs without reading any text about them, as he wanted to merely infer what the photograph told him. This leads on from our recent lecture on what a photograph is, as he explained that the way you manipulate a photograph can change the relationship between the three people involved in a photo: the subject, the photographer and the viewer.

With this in mind I tried to look at my object in a different angle. Instead of just the details, what about the shape? If I have a blurred photo does that better show the shape of the object without the viewer being distracted by technicalities? If I crop the image in different ways, how does that make the image feel? What does the viewer infer from my photographs about the subject?

This is something I have tried to consider in my images, and will continue to do.

For this I used my digital camera and a light meter, I then edited the photos slightly in photoshop.

I liked the idea of having a blurred image, with the intention of removing details from the equation and merely giving the viewer a concept of the shape of the subject.

A continuation, of sorts, of the first image. This photograph was even more blurred, so I removed colour from the photo to obscure it even further. I really like this photo, its abstract feel and minimalistic style make it, to me, feel quite old fashioned and beautiful.

I wanted to try and get as many different angles of the object as possible, to really give the viewer a good perspective of the image and properly translate how precious it is to me.

Very similar to the above image but I manipulated the levels a bit more. I can’t decide what photo I prefer.

I cropped this image to mimic how the ‘flower’ is more closed off in this photo. I think doing so creates a more intimate photograph that better translates the feeling I have for the object. If something is precious you keep it close, look after it, I wanted to try and show that here. I am not completely happy with this image. The thought behind it makes sense to me, but the details and colours did not turn out as successful as I would of hoped.

This photo reminded me of the photographs you see of real flowers. I like the idea of the a fake flower being photographed in the same manner, like a juxta pose. To try and differentiate it from these sort of photographs I put it in black and white, as though it is in a way a ‘flower’ it is but a cold representation of the real thing, that will never die.

The colours in this photograph came out nicely. I like how the petals are not in perfect position, something I feel is mirrored by it being slightly off centre. It is not perfect, but it is still precious to me.

I am not completely sure about this photograph. I felt the background was’t right so I posterized the photo and really liked the effect it had. The details are separated and the different colours and tones, though in black and white, can still in a way be distinguished. I am just worried it is over edited and therefore childish looking.

My Favourite is number 6 out of my eight images. I think it is shows all of the scuffs and scrapes that hint to the history of the object, adding to the suggestion of intimacy and love of a precious object that has been owned for many years.

My least favourite is probably number 5. I just don’t like the end result. However, if I had to look at which images least represent and/ or respond to the brief, it would have to be the first two. Though I love how they turned out, they are vague and don’t really represent my object as something precious to me in a way that is readable by the audience/ viewer.

Overall, I am really proud with how this turned out. I think the photos fit in well with the brief and that my manipulations with the light meter and photoshop were successful. If I could change anything, I would probably try and reduce the amount of photos I use, not just in this project but in all of them. I have a tendency to have a lot of photos to show one thing. Maybe try only having a maximum of three.