What Is Fine Art?

‘The use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments or experiences that can be shared with others.’

  • Aboriginal Art
  • Jimmy Pike – Famous contemporary aboriginal artist
  • Chris Ofili – Traditional Artist, uses paint and canvas, but also adds in elephant dung. Controversy over Virgin Mary Painting. The controversy made him famous.
  • Controversy regularly used in fine art
  • Yinka Shonibare – looks at power relationships in paintings: looked at renaissance paintings
  • John Everett Millais – <3: founding members of pre-Raphaelites – all about costumes, imagery, ideas, exploring ideas that interested them through there art – change from people merely commissioning paintings of themselves: kings used to be the only people who could afford painting.
  • Tom Hunter – recreate paintings: Toms different, titled his work: looked through local paper, find interesting story, recreate the story with hints to old paintings but would title the image based on the contemporary images. New narrative.
  • George Shaw – Nominated last year for the Turner Prize. Took photos around Coventry. Takes photos and then paints it. About lighting, framing, depth of field: Tackles paintings in a photographic way.
  • Eadweard Muybridge – changed how people painted horses. ‘Motion in study’
  • Marcel Duchamp – photo by Alfred Stiegltz – Duchamp was trying to push boundaries and cause controversy on purpose.
  • Tracey Emin – needs help
  • Damien Hirst
  • Gilbert + George – Bend It

We were asked to do a little 5 minute task were we took a photo of ourselves our Macs ‘Photobooth’ function and then wrote over the top what we believed fine art to be. The photos are not meant to be great, I believe it was more of a way of just putting a face to our thoughts instead of always staying anonymous.

I was really quite ill but had crawled in regardless, so was not to thrilled about the idea of having to take a photo of myself … so I resorted to pulling a funny face.

‘Fine Art is both terrifying and inspiring. It is simultaneously infuriating and beautiful. I love it but I wish it would stop giving me a headache’

My thoughts behind this? When I say terrifying I am referring to the hidden intentions that can seem to be behind some artists work: For instance, I genuinely worry that the Chapman Brothers are merely expressing there peadophilic desires through there ‘work’.

Inspiring refers to so many artists that I cannot even begin to list them. Infuriating is either through simply there artwork portraying something that stirs an emotion in me or I cannot get it out of my head (this can be good artwork). This can also simply be when I look at some modern ‘art’ and wonder how in gods name it could be considered as such.

Sometimes it gives me a headache, it is so vast and I love it so much. But it is very much a love hate relationship. I love having fine art in my life, but with all the awe inspiring goodness, you have to put up with bad.