We visited Hinkley college and were asked to take photos of Hinkley based on photos they showed us of Mark Power’s, ‘Black Country’, project. I enjoyed getting to wander around and trying to look at landscapes from different perspectives. Some of my photos are very reminiscent of Power’s work. Others I have chosen to put here because, though they do not necessarily fit with Mark Power’s style, I used them as practice for photoshop and I liked the composition of the image to much to leave it out!









I believe 1, 3, 5 and 14 are the most reminiscent of Mark Power’s work. 5 is by far my favourite image. The mist coupled with the dark colours and old fashioned lamp post create a sort of fantasy-esque theme

Mark Power Talk 

Mark Power – Photographer – Talk at 2

.Black Country Project


  • .Buildings
  • Run Down
  • Simple
  • Isolated
  • Only few people in photos – don’t know they are being photographed
  • Close ups – feet
  • Chairs on there own in studio – from a factory

From Leicester – lives in Brighton (‘Black Country’)

Mark Power – Presentation – Talking about his career

Grew up in Leicester

First photo – 10 years old

Studied painting at college

Left college in 81 – then went travelling and got into photography

Photos about Brightons situation


1989 – close to being bankrupt – quit being photographer

Decided to be carpenter

Friend gave him money (200 pounds) to do photography

Took photos in Berlin – saved his career – Berlin wall falling down

.Nikon 35mm

.Manual film camera

Got work from British magazine afterward

Photographed Nudist Discos – photos got abused by designers

Got offered teaching post at university of Brighton – still teaching there one day a week

Mark Power – super structure – the dome

2000 – Treasury Building Restoration


Airbus – European

Sound of two songs – 2004 – 2009