We were taught how to use the Nikon Scanners that allow you to scan in negatives onto the computer.

I really enjoyed learning this, as I have always preferred the ability to be able to edit images on photoshop. I still need to practice with them but hopefully soon I will be fluent and able to scan in all my negatives to be edited on photoshop.

One of my photo negatives for ‘Homage to a Precious Object’
I practiced some of my newly learnt photoshop skills!

I have always considered myself pretty much self taught when it comes to photoshop, so it was an interesting experience to have someone teach me techniques I was unaware of, such as ways to use layers I had no idea were possible!

We were also told the importance of using raw files, something I haven’t done before and now sorely regret. The fact that raw files don’t lose as much detail when you render them in photoshop is something I really wish I had known beforehand. I have changed the settings on my camera and intend to use raw files from now on.