After I had problems with Assignment 1, I spoke to my tutor Jonathan who gave me a mini project to do, using my digital camera, to show I can use the light meter and can control the camera.

I actually kind of enjoyed this. I decided to take photos of my route home from the society I attend back to my house. I took photos of things I notice every-time I am walking home.

Because I usually walk home at night from the social I thought this was a great opportunity to show that I can control the camera and properly light a photo using the light meter to tell me aperture and shutter speed. I was proud of the results, especially the longer exposures of the cars driving past. It has always been a form of photography that has fascinated me and I really enjoyed  playing with different angles.

I think my photos show a varying range of different types of nighttime photography, which I believe shows my ability to experiment out of my comfort zone, which night-time photography really is.

The beginning

Out into the cold

Small box of light

Harsh Alleyway

Beautiful Lampost


Horror Movie Style/ Where my life revolves

Natural and Unnatural textures



Stunning Moon


City Stars