We have been looking at different video styles, considering lighting, sound, placement and what they used to film

duckrabbit.com <- Research for our group

Investing is hope ruslis story


One in 8 million


How China’s love affair with pork is creating a pollution problem


Ethical Shellfish Fishing


Between Birds (English Subtitles)


Young Souls excerpt by Dean Chalkley


Shelter In Place – Trailer (2.5 mins)


Motion | Photography

Food Busking


DSLR Shooting

We have been asked in our groups to look through the videos on duckrabbit.info and pick one that we feel represents the style and feel of the website, to be played back to the whole class.

I personally really liked the narrative, layers, colours and angles of ‘Zen and the Art of Sandcastles’

However, we decided as a group to show ‘Innocence’. It’s a film made up of still images, looking at the photographers time in Shri Lanka photographing child soldiers and the emotion he feels based on what he saw and what other people see, or in this case what they don’t see. It uses music, pictures and words to create a narrative that, though it is looking at his emotions and experiences, it is clear that he feels that the story of these young children in Shri Lanka are more important.