Camera-less Photography

Oxymoron – contradicts itself.


Types of Camera-less photography

Photograms – Placing objects of photosensitive paper

  • Man Ray – wanted them to named after him
  • Joy Gregory – ‘From the Language of Flowers’ – The language of flowers is a Victorian idea
  • Garry Fabian Miller – Don’t look like Photograms – colourful
  • Floris Neususs – Very Large Photograms using whole bodies on light sensitive paper 
  • Susan Derges – Video made to accompany her work – paper underwater.

Other type of Camera – less photography – using found images.

  • John Stezaker – Surrealism
  • Mishka Henner
  • Doug Rickard – Watch video, find it on moodle. 

Quick research task – Thomson Craighead


Task: do two of the following

  • Make an aesthetically pleasing photogram-sums up something about yourself
  • Make a collage about yourself using found imagery – which tells the audience about what you like to do in your spare time
  • Using your photoshop skills and google earth make a digital a4 poster which maps your journey from home to college and highlights 3 points of interest on route.