‘Court – split in half, write a short sentence or two for why you believe the digital age is good for photography.’


The digital age is the next step in society. Information can be shared and stored easier than ever before. Photographs can now be shared on a massive scale, reaching a far wider audience and creating more opportunities for the photographer because they have a far greater chance of reaching there target audience and more of it in the process. The digital age is also developing with the online artist in mind, creating better ways to copyright and protect your property.


The opportunity for theft and plagiarism  is still incredibly high, and though you have a greater opportunity of reaching your target audience than if, say, you were only showing your work in one gallery, you are in a sea of other people using the same tools to try and do exactly the same as you. People can copy your work onto a blog with no inclination or way of tracing back to you. Your work cannot be safely stored in a box. The chances of people taking your photos and misusing them for there own agendas is higher than ever before.