• Headphones
  • Microphone
  • Mic Clip so can clip onto stand
  • Remote control
  • Recorder
  • Plug
  • USB Cable
  • SD Card

The red circle is the select button

Go into menu – record and setup:

sample rate (44.1 KHZ)

Rec Mode (Wav 24 bit – best quality)

Press Menu to return

Option number 8 in menu – SD Card – Format

Back out of menu – left and right buttons (<< + >>)

Press red record button once – not recording but red button flashes

Go back into menu and change it to MP3 320 – can record for a lot longer but lower quality

Press red button again to start recording (flashing red = not recording, Solid Red = Recording)


The bar of the front should be peaking between 12 and 6

On side – input level up and down

DON’T CHANGE VOLUME – doesn’t change recording at all, only change what you hears

On the back Mic gain – on high unless you are outside and don’t want to pick up to much background noise like cars

Pop the microphone that is included into the side. It is directional. Better for not picking up background noise.

To take the recording off.

Press and hold power to turn it off. Take out SD card.

Pop it into laptop

Press finder button in on