Belfast Exposed Gallery

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Belfast City

(The weather was horrible so didn’t get many photographs!)

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Coach Ride to Dublin

(Mainly photographed some of the impressive cloud-lines, by the time we got into Dublin it was very dark so not many of my photos worked what with us moving at the same time.)

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Dublin Gallery of Photography

(The old Camera was actually in the museum just across the road from the gallery, I just thought it was such an exquisite example of true craftsmanship!)

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Dublin City

(Found some of it, with the old high buildings and the river running through reminiscent of Amsterdam when I went there last year, though they have water-ways running through all over the place in Amsterdam, not just one river running through the middle. Both are beautiful places)

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Dublin National Gallery of Ireland

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Merrion SQ 

(It felt like I was in a miniature Kew Gardens. So beautiful and the sun was beginning to set so I had a lot of fun experimenting with light)

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(You had to pay to get into the main area so I couldn’t go through there, but I enjoyed photographing the outside and the sort of ‘hallway’ area)

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Chester Beatty Library Gardens 

(Small circular Garden with a large grassy area in the centre where it appeared they were setting up for an event. Didn’t get as many nice photos as it was raining quite heavily and I was trying to take photographs while protecting myself and the camera at the same time.)

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Beatty Library 

(I could of stayed in there forever. The history of the books was phenomenal. They were such beautiful artefacts from so many different cultures and religions! I am a sucker for things like that, they hold so much historical value and so often they are as beautiful and awe inspiring as any painting or photograph, sometimes even more so for me. It’s a shame that you were not allowed to take photographs, but I understand why due to the fragile nature of the materials. I was however able to get some photographs of some japanese bottles and some information about them) 

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