• Questioning of authenticity – not new with digital photography
  • Painting – Photography
  • The camera never lies – this is true – however the photograph and the photographer can
  • The camera cannot lie – it is nothing but a piece of equipment used to record light
  • You have a lot of power to change somebodies opinion by merely changing the lighting in a photograph – a lot of power over peoples perceptions

Photo Montages

  • Dadaists – coined termed photo-montage – Photomontages were created with no use of there own images, all found.
  • ‘When you cut up a photograph, you take a whole world with you’ – Sean Hillen
  • ‘Collage allows the opening up of the unconscious in a way that is very direct.’
  • Photo Montages can be used to bring together two different situations to put across a political point.
  • Industrial photo montages – glue, crinkles, the ability to see the different mediums used and the information brought with them.
  • Digital Photomontages – breakdown of borders – validity – The medium is information
  • Digital Photomontages are more difficult to trace and distinguish against what is real and what is false.
  • Kennard Philips – ‘’a collaboration working since 2002 to produce art in response to the invasion in Iraq’’
  • The image is real but the situation being shown is false.
  • Digital advertising

Context Is King

  • Holger Merlitz
  • Nathan Pierce – what information do you get from his photographs – don’t particularly feel the people in his photos are friendly. You can take his photographs and choose which ones to show to paint whatever picture you want
  • Edward Hopper Painting – google it and you find reinterpretations, cropped images, different colours
  • If you want to see a painting you have to go see a painting, otherwise the context can be changed and mislead you.
  • The internet also helps people to prove fakes – missile launch photograph


  • Amateur video/ photographs
  • We trust the person who was there and just happened to capture the event

Fred Ritchin  

  • Cannot add photographs to the world, must add the world to photographs
  • Believes photography and digital photography are completely separate things
  • There is now no reliability on the truth of photographs
  • Just give the cameras to the people and they will tell you what is happening   

I do not agree with Fred Ritchin belief that digital photography is negative for photography