My decision to make a video about Personal Hobbies, ‘the need for a balanced work life balance’ (this is what the actual theme was called, I think it might of been a typo) was a fairly easy one for me, as it was either this or ‘personal obsession’, and I feel that choosing something more lighthearted was a much smarter choice for myself. I sometimes have the tendency to go too serious, even with lighthearted topics, so this was a good exercise for me.


My theme developed a little bit from the original set, to mainly focus on whether hobbies have a positive affect on peoples lives, and how they balance them with life overall, instead of just work. I feel this was a sound progression that meant I could make a more solid project and video.
I chose the hobby L.A.R.P, as a focus, as it meant I had a large number of people at my disposal and, when I sent out emails, I got a great number of replies from people willing to be interviewed. It’s also considered an unusual subject, so I could capture interesting, original footage with the knowledge that what I was creating wasn’t something regularly seen.


I learnt a lot through this Assignment. I now know how to use two new pieces of equipment (Edirol Sound Recorders and the Canon 5D Mark II) and a new piece of software ( Adobe Premier Pro).
I struggled with getting to grips with some of the aspects of Premier Pro. I kept forgetting little pieces of information and had to get help from some people more familiar with it so I could learn useful tips and hints.
This was quite a frustrating process but I am happy to have gone through it as it was incredibly useful for my project and I now have a new skill I will undoubtedly use in the future.


For my research, I looked at Robbie Cooper and his work ‘Alter Egos’. He is a good example of somebody looking at a hobby and showing the reality of life next to the fantasy of the game in a positive fashion.
This was one of the major inspirations to be having video and photos of the L.A.R.P events with interviews from the people who attend over the top.
I enjoy the juxta pose of the hobby with their relaxed voices talking about it and their everyday lives.


I also researched into online articles and studies on how hobbies can affect your everyday life, which helped shape how I eventually ended the video.

I used all of my own footage and photographs, and it was a great experience considering order and timing.
If I could change anything, I would have made the footage a little warmer with the camera functions. And  my desire for it to progress from videos of people talking into fighting may of made the beginning a little boring.


In conclusion, I am incredibly happy with my video. I may have chosen my idea a little to quickly, but I think it is well rounded, with lots of varying footage and photos. I feel like I did a good amount of research (though perhaps could of looked at it in a little more depth), experimented and worked hard.