Class Times – Monday: 9.30 – 3pm + Friday: 9.30 – 1pm

Caroline’s Office Hours: Tuesday: 3-4pm + Friday: 1-2pm

Studios will be booked every Tuesday and Friday for our use (negotiate with colleagues)

Will begin with Workshops – refreshers and how to use studio lighting etc.


Jeff Wall – A Sudden Gust of Wind 1993 – based on Katsushika Hokusai’s ‘Ejiri in Suruga Province’

Jeff Wall previsualised the image he wanted to create Jeff Wall ‘I begin by not photographing’

Real moments reconstructed after being seen but not photographed

Jeff Wall – ‘Tattoos and Shadows’

Gregory Crewdson

Influenced by David Lynch

Look on V&A website

Inexplicable and often disturbing sets

Task One

Create an instruction manual

Manual should be an on going task, which charts all the technical tests and data (including how to make a pinhole camera) learnt in the workshops during this module.

To elaborate on research add to the moodle online forum good/bad manuals

It is good practice to make notes about your revisualisation skills.