Today we were shown how to use lighting diagrams. It is an incredibly useful tool that is also easy to use. I really like the simple system and intend to use it whenever appropriate during my course. It means I turn my sketches into more readable set-up concepts.

Dean Collins – corporate work

‘The Corporate Ladder’

Can you follow everything he is saying about lighting his shoot? – No, he made it so complicated

Three lights, below, behind and in front

  • Record everything you do
  • Create Diagrams of what you do
  • Share your diagrams with people

Lighting Diagram Creater

  • Won’t be able to use this all the time
  • Make sketches and then lighting diagram from sketches when you have the chance
  • Bottom right – launch diagram creator

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 11.04.31

Lighting Lecture

I found this lecture interesting, as not only was it a lecture making us look at the technical side of lighting, but it also made us consider how lighting can affect the mood of a piece of work. It can also be a show of power in a way. When we see an incredibly intricate and large lighting set up, like those of Gregory Crewdson, it feels and looks impressive and expensive. I feel he is a good example as I also am a massive fan of his work and have been for a while now.

The thing is, you don’t need such a large setup to produce good work. And it doesn’t have to be insanely complicated. Once you know what you are doing, you can use the equipment as well as you can a limb. It’s all about practice and perseverance, and a willingness to try new things.

SHOWstudio and Topshop – Present

SHOWstudio: Nick Knight, Karlie Kloss, Kate Phelan for Topshop

When you watch a video or movie, consider what you like and don’t like. Pause and analyse the moments you love. Figure out WHY you love it.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 10.10.43 Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 10.10.24


From the SHOWstudio video, this was the moment that I liked the most regarding lighting. I thought it was dynamic and the light with nobody underneath it was a hint of things to follow in the video. I think the models hair is backlit and I believe they have a used a blue or purple gel on their light to create the colder purple tone that goes so well with her light skin, hair and dress. I looks like there is a light to the left of the model, and possible one  coming up, highlighting the bottom of the back of her legs. It could be that that bottom lighting is, in fact, the circle of light we see on the bottom. As it doesn’t seem to be drowning out any of the other lighting on the model, I doubt it is coming from the top as it is obviously quite strong to create such a dynamic circle on the floor. So I believe that light is in fact coming from the floor, or being put there from a light coming from the side, not from the top.

The problem is, no matter how hard to try and figure out the lighting, it is so difficult in some cases to guess what techniques they have used, as some techniques will have a similar affect to others and are indistinguishable.

2 Cor. 4.6

Philip-Lorca Dicorcia – male prostitutes

Put things in connotations by looking at the light in the photographs

The Kelvin Scale

  • Colour Temperature Chart
  • You can change a lights colour by putting a colour gel over the flash.

Chrystel Lebas

  • ‘Blue is obscurity becoming visible.’
  • Dog to wolf
  • Work is all about light
  • ‘Azure’
  • Good of the day to the Dark of the night

Pauls Work

  • Tungsten light
  • Uses a yellow light to emphasise the sickly feeling of the photograph
  • Honestly this photograph makes me want to vomit, the photograph is incredibly effective in that respect.

Photo of Jesus Christ on the cross

  • Light coming from above
  • Very red and yellow
  • Dark, aggressive, the blur makes the image look ghostly
  • Andres Serrano
  • Submerged important figures in his own bodily fluid
  • ‘piss christ’
  • It wasn’t an attack on religion
  • He was actually talking about the cheapening of religion
  • Cheap plastic figures to show important figures

Tim and Sue

  • Contemporary artists
  • Lighting very important for their images
  • Not just about light, it’s just as important what you put in the darkness

Plato’s Cave

Henry Peach Robinson – 1858

  • Photographer realized his own limitations with lighting
  • Photographed the scene 5 times to then piece back together and get the perfect lighting for each area of image
  • Darkness – death, the unknown
  • Dying girl bathed in light – pure, going to ascend, innocent