We have recently been inducted into how to use the studio and its equipment. It was a very useful induction that I found particularly interesting as I have never been properly educated in how to use studios lighting/ equipment. I will have to work on this in my spare time however, as confidence appears to be key to being able to use the equipment in a useful manner.

IMG_0433The bag the lighting equipment comes in, can also be used outdoors with a battery,

IMG_0434How to properly set up the tripod

IMG_0435 Make sure this part (which attaches to the tripod) is properly secure before letting go, as it can fall and break the lamp if it doesn’t have its cover on. IMG_0436The side of the light. left controls Flash, Right controls lamp.

IMG_0437Back of the light.


IMG_0439You have to press this to remove the light covers.

IMG_0440The larger bulb is the lamp (doesn’t have to be turned on) and the smaller one is the flash.

IMG_0442How to lock covers in place

IMG_0443How to attach umbrella

IMG_0444Umbrella attatched

IMG_0445You can remove the silver lining so the white lining softens the light, or you can remove the white lining at which point you have the light facing ‘away’ from the model as the silver umbrella will reflect the light.

IMG_0446You can experiment with the umbrella being partly open for different lighting effects.

IMG_0447The silver lining removed. Very easy to put back on.

IMG_0449 You must turn this switch to ‘on’ for the studio lights attached to the ceiling to work

IMG_0452The studio lights attached to the ceiling. With Soft-boxes attached.

IMG_0454The metal ring that is part of the soft-box you can place over the lights.

IMG_0456Must put each metal rob into the larger holes.

IMG_0458The soft box attached

IMG_0459Soft box attached.

IMG_0460The white lining that is attached by velcro to the inside of the soft-box

IMG_0461How to attach the lining.

IMG_0462Lining Attached

IMG_0463How to attach the larger outer lining, by the velcro, to the soft-box

IMG_0464Attach this black material to the back to stop light leak

IMG_0465Do not attach this however until AFTER it is attached to the light.

IMG_0467Power dial controls the flash, lamp dial control the lamp.


The lamp button turns the lamp on and off

The beep button, when on, will make the light beep when it is charged and ready for flash.

The cell button means that it will connect to the other lights so they will flash as well.

IMG_0471When you wish to take a light reading, have it set on the bolt WITHOUT THE C (the one with the C is for when you attach the light meter to the light for the flash reading with a cable, the one without the C is for when it is not connected by a cable.)

IMG_0473You press the button and the box around the bolt with flash, when you set the flash off only then will you be given a complete reading based on the lighting with flash.

IMG_0475A complete reading.

Note: Have your camera at a maximum shutter speed of 125, otherwise the flash will not be able to keep up with your camera.

IMG_0481A reflector, you can put this in a variety of places during a shoot to affect how the light bounces off/ hits the subject.

IMG_0486This is where you plug the Pulsar into the light.

IMG_0490 A pulsar is used to connect your camera with the light for the flash. Lead goes in the Sync Port. 

IMG_0492You need two, one plugged into the light and one on top of the camera. One must be on Rx (Receive) and the other on Tx (Transmit)

IMG_0493You must make sure that both Pulsars are on the same frequency. There is this side frequency that goes from A,B,C,D,E,F and there is another on the pulsar that goes 1,2,3,4. The pulsars must be the same on BOTH of these switches.

IMG_0494The pulsar attached to the top of the camera.

IMG_0495This box is used to create a circle of light reflected in the models eyes that is considered very attractive in fashion photography.

IMG_0496A snoot. Creates a very strong, controlled light.


IMG_0498Use these chains to pull the backdrops up and down.

IMG_0500When the back drop is not in use, roll it back so it is not in the way. Also, DO NOT step on it with shoes, as it wears quickly.