To help strengthen our knowledge and confidence with outdoor lighting and the required equipment, we were set another workshop, however had less supervision and were given small tasks to complete.

The first task was lighting the subject with one light, the second was to light the subject with two. The third task was you use smaller lights that could be attached to the top of the camera and held where necessary.

It was a very interesting workshop as we had to work in smaller groups and were expected to know what we were doing. I think we showed a good level on competency and understanding. Any problems we had with the equipment seemed to be technical issues out of our control.


First Task: One light

IMG_8592 IMG_8593

Light facing away from me but with the silver umbrella so it reflects back on me.

IMG_8594 IMG_8595

With the Light behind me, sun in front of me, behind the camera. No silver reflector, but still the white umbrella so softer light.

IMG_8596 IMG_8597 IMG_8598 IMG_8602 IMG_8604 IMG_8605

200_0001 200_0003 200_0005


With the light behind me, but with the sun behind me, in front of the camera

IMG_8607 IMG_8608

200_0006 200_0008

Below image is where the flash didn’t activate.



Light to the side

IMG_8609 IMG_8610


We experimented with varying flash strengths.

200_0011 200_0012 200_0013



Second Task: Two lights

Sadly one of the lights was faulty, so we didn’t get to take any images, but we did get photographs of our planned set up at least.

200_0015 IMG_8612 IMG_8613 IMG_8614 IMG_8616


Task 3: Smaller fast lights

These are incredibly useful pieces of equipment that I intend to use in the future. Really like them, though there battery drains fast.

We started by doing a ‘What not to do photo’

We were told that if you put your model next to a surface to bounce the light off of, the models face will pick up its colour. We decided to show an example with a blue surface.

200_0019 200_0020 200_0021 200_0022IMG_8620IMG_8628


IMG_8633 IMG_8635

200_0028 200_0029200_0024 200_0025 200_0027  200_0030 200_0031

IMG_8636 IMG_8638