What is light?

Light has many different definitions and is essential to photography.


What a sphere?

A 3D circle, that would be have to be shaded to represent the three dimension.


  • Photography is exploring the interaction of light to the subject. The use of making objects 3d using light.
  • We then look at compostions, background & foreground and how we want people to view the images we create.
  • Howard Rheingold: Virtual Reality (1991)
  • “We are elements in an informal ecology that creates the illusion we call reality”
  • This is only the start of the quote, but i feel that it is very relevant nowadays as it was in 1991. He was talking about cave paintings and how they depict a life that we will never see, but he could easily have been referencing social media today.
  • The idea that you if you go into an alien place, your senses are heightened because you are not familiar.

Light can be

  • energy
  • waves
  • visible light

Relevant Photographers:

  • Nick Veasey X-Ray Photography
  • Sphinx on the Siene (2008) Paul Clipson
  • Gjon Mili portrait 0f Picasso- Mixing flash and long exposure. He also used strobe lights.

Light as the subject:

  • Line Decribing a Cone, Anthony McCall. Draws a circle onto film and puts it into frames which then becomes a 3D installation of light in the shape of the cone.
  • Sky Space, James Turrell. Creates a hole in the roof at his installations so that the image of the sky is imprinted onto the floor. The idea that people can react with things that are far away.
  • Eadweard Muybridge. It changed the way that people view images. His images make us reanimate the actions in our mind. We do not just see still images anymore.
  • Time Slice, Tim MacMillan (directed by frank budgen).
  • Tim slice or bullet time is the term used for when a video shows shots panning around objects and people that are frozen. This technique is used by creating a circle of camera around the subject and exposing all of the images at the same time.
  • Harold Edgerston and high speed photography.
  • Images created using a sound trigger which is a device that makes a flash go off when a noise is made.
  • Orange advert. Fusion of burring people with time slice.
  • Chris Cunningham- director (look up)