Michael Collins Talk: Notes

  • Interesting take on photography as a form and how you should look at it.
  • Beautiful photographs of landscapes and ‘indoor landscapes’
  • Spoke about how difficult it is to gain access to the area he wants to go
  • Look beyond criteria, where the looking takes you is important
  • Uses plate cameras.
  • Amazing detail
  • Focuses on his photos pleasing himself, not someone else. Believes that as soon as you begin questioning how someone else will like your images, you have failed and are off course.
  • Particularly likes subjects where there are no issues with access. Even photographing cityscapes, you have to pay to go to the top of a building to take photographs.
  • Sheet of film costs 15 pounds, processing is 7-8
  • Traditionally takes two exposures in case something goes wrong.
  • Scanning the photo professionally and getting the image printed (20x24ish) costs up to 500 pounds for one photo.
  • Trying to find cheaper method
  • Every pictures a minor miracle
  • 6 months to get first picture to work for him
  • When looking through the ground glass at the picture, you seeing it upside down and back to front. Very daunting at first
  • Terrific sense of engagement using plate camera
  • Cumbersome, heavy, expensive
  • Wonderfully mechanical, amazing to use
  • Not about technical variety. Your camera needs to be instinctively yours, no fear of using it.

Going to use plate cameras after lunch. Group portraits. Spilt into two groups. Each group will form two sub groups.