I have been following the pregnancy of my friends Joanna and Harri from the beginning. Because I have been at university, I couldn’t see them as much, but Jo wanted to keep me updated. So, every Monday, she would send me a message telling me how the baby was developing, comparing its current size to fruit so it was easily comparable.

When it hit the Easter Holidays, she was in her last term, and in fact her last month, of pregnancy. We had discussed for a little while doing a pregnancy photo-shoot. Different places, painting the belly, really make a day of it. However, she had literally just developed stretch marks, and didn’t feel comfortable enough to go through with it. I was a little disappointed but completely understood, so merely said if she changed her mind I would be right there.

I got a text about a week after that conversation saying she had changed her mind, and I was thrilled.

We were a little low on time at this point, but luckily a baby-shower had been planned, so we decided to do it on the same day just before people started to arrive and we got kicked out of the house so her sister could set up.

There was no body painting, no different locations. Just her, in her home, with he pets, not even the husband there. And the thing is, it was so uncomplicated, that I think it helped her relax, and me as well (I have never done a pregnancy photo-shoot before). Because it was so relaxed, I think that’s why it was a success, and why she was happy enough with the photos to give me permission to post them online. I am incredibly proud of these photos, because she was happy with them.

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I think the first image is definitely my favourite. The lighting worked well and her pale skin against the dark background is quite eye-catching.

It’s difficult to pick a least favourite. If I had to, I would say the fourth image, the close up of her hands making the love heart shape. I feel it became a little to grainy during the editing process so doesn’t really stand up with the rest of the photographs.