Spoilers Warning

To put some things into context, I am awful with horror films, I avoid them because I am aware how bad I am at coping with them. Just seeing an advert for the grudge was enough to make me not sleep, and simply reminding myself of it in this instance has made me nervous. So when I say it took me a lot to get up the courage to watch My Ex, a Thai horror film, I would like you understand how serious I am about that statement. I resorted to inviting a friend over to watch it with me, and we settled in for an evening of hiding in each others shoulders.

The movie began with a calming soundtrack and high contrast, black and white scenes.

When it moves into colour, we are made aware quite quickly that the main protagonist is famous, and that he is a serial cheater. At the very beginning we meet one of his women, Meen, who storms out after he rejects her telling him she is pregnant.

It all seems like a rather simple story of an unfaithful movie star.

However, it slowly becomes more sinister, with the frantic calls of a women which he ignores, as he is with his girlfriend, Ploy, and he doesn’t want her to know he is still with his ‘ex’s’. The frantic woman, Bow, dies suddenly while trying to call him, and this is where the movie jumps into the horror aspect.

The movie implements a very simple soundtrack, with no music for a large portion of the film, apart from when something scary is happening. The lack of build up to the fright by the music, but with the knowledge that something must be coming, builds the tension in a way that I believe is incredibly affective. There could be minutes at a time with nothing happening but something obviously about to happen, and then a single moment where the ghost is there, and it was enough to give us mini heart attacks nearly every time.

The movie goes from being quite linear to becoming very confusing as to what is real and what is a dream. Moments where the person was attacked by the ghost would follow by the person waking up, but we would never see them go to sleep. It made it feel very surreal and confusing, but not in a negative way.

Now, for most of the film, myself and my friend felt it was quite a solid film, with moments that really made us jump, though the fear never stayed with us, until the next fright. We particularly enjoyed the how there was a guessing game as to who the ghost actually was, as we saw so many of his ex’s on screen.

This was until about ten minutes until the end of the film, which left us with faces contorted in mortified expressions of shock. I won’t go into detail, but it left us horrified. It was quite gory and a really disturbing premise that just seemed to make it go from being a horror film to a torture porn.

After this event, we had trouble sticking with the rest of the film, though the ending itself was interesting. However, I felt the ending should of ended about 10 seconds before it did, with the chilling ending that had a question mark, instead of such a permanent fate.

Overall, the movie was interesting, and I really liked the design of the ghost (rather simple but I like how it was in black and white while the rest was in colour), however, though it was frightening at the time, it doesn’t really stay with you, except that one part near the end, that stayed with us for all the wrong reasons.