This year has been an absolute roller coaster, but I couldn’t be prouder of you.

You may not be particularly fond of the people you live with, but you have made such a large array of friends that that means nothing. You were even able to arrange where you are living next year without any hassle what-so-ever.

I know there have been some rough patches. We need to work on that anxiety of yours. But, you are trying and getting the necessary help, so nobody can criticise you for that. Hopefully, by the end of university, it will be something we never have to worry about again. Until then, though, just try to stay calm and for the love of God, stop  freaking yourself out believing you aren’t doing well. Your grades at the end of each term should be more than enough proof that you are, in fact, a capable human being.

Next year will have its ups and downs. But while the work will probably be harder, you already have a strong social group, so that is a massive weight off of your shoulders. I know how much you were worried about making friends. And I know you wish you were closer with more people in your degree group, but that really doesn’t matter. What matters is that the people you are close to are fantastic, and you are living with two great people next year.

You and Nathan are still together, and he has been a massive support to you, as have your family. You get home for Skullduggery LARP, even the one day events. Just because you are at university in Coventry doesn’t mean your life back home falls aparts.

You have become so much more confident with speaking your mind, though your paranoia is still a little bit of a problem. You are also more comfortable in yourself, and have been visiting the gym! Which is a miracle in itself considering how lazy you can be.

You need to try and eat healthier next year. Your rent will be cheaper so you can afford more fruit and vegetables. And meat that actually has a meat percentage in it.

One thing we really need to work on, is your tendency to shut yourself off from the world. Just because you have a deadline doesn’t give you the right to become a hermit and avoid human contact. And just walking to the shop across the road doesn’t count, no matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise.

I am proud of you though, and I know you family are to. You have done so well and are not just running head on into things without considering it first. Keep it up … and the next two years will fly by, I’m sure of it.