My practice this module has expanded dramatically.

Before this module I had never laid my hands on studio equipment, yet now I have become sufficiently competent to use it on my own accord for future projects. It all seemed incredibly complicated and fragile that I was convinced I would break something, or it would just refuse to work for me. However, now that we are at the end of this module, I realise it was just the opportunity to practice that I needed.

Using lighting equipment outside is definitely something I need to work on in my own time, but I believe I have enough knowledge now that all I need to do now is experiment with it to become better versed in how to use it successfully.

My practice has also developed with the use of manual photographic means. The pinhole camera was so wonderfully simple and experimental, that I felt a lot more confident to experiment in the darkroom with my images to. Before this module I had always kept to a very linear path of developing my images, but now I feel that I can manipulate my photographs in postproduction to create interesting affects.

To put it in brief, my confidence in my own abilities has improved massively, and I am much more open to experimentation and new equipment, though I need a bit more practice with certain aspects.

Overall, I am very happy with the final results of all of my Tasks, and feel that my practice has developed and improved in the best ways possible. I believe I have ended the year on a great note, prepared to begin the second year with all my new skills in hand and ready.