Task Four involved us going to a Severn Water Reservoir and photographing the area for a competition.

It sounded like a nice idea, but, sadly, the weather was so atrocious and there were so many swarms of bugs (that seemed particularly attracted to my eye socket) that, by the end of the day, I was sitting in the cafe with a very expensive hot chocolate and chocolate cake wishing the day would go away.

Despite the day itself conspiring against me, I did persever and get some nice photographs of the reservoir. I especially like my photograph of the blue snail, as I think it is peculiar yet strangely attractive, especially with the blue and natural fibonacci spiral of the shell.

I also got some images that, though I liked, I didn’t enter into the competition. Two of those being of the baby ducklings. I felt they were a bit to grainy and also not very original. But I do like the images, though I may just be convincing myself of that so I don’t have to accept that I stalked ducks for about 45 minutes for nothing.

My least favourite image is probably of the flowers, I don’t find it particularly thrilling as a photograph, though the colours are nice. It was between that and the photo of the parked up boats, and, quite frankly, so many people had photographed those boats it would of been the least unimaginative I could of entered.

On the whole, I am very happy with my final images, and worked hard to get some interesting lighting and colours.