For Task Four, we were asked to create a maximum of five images for the ‘Severn Trent Water’ competition. The competition involved visiting one of their reservoirs and photographing the area. We had a lot of freedom for what type of photographs we could take, but we had to keep in mind that they were probably looking for something attractive and interesting.

I took along a Canon 5D camera and a Canon Flashlight. I ended up taking 156 raw photographs over the course of three hours.

Edited photographs

IMG_5147 smaller IMG_5148 smaller IMG_5149 smaller IMG_5152 IMG_5206 smaller IMG_5193 smaller IMG_5216 IMG_5232 smaller IMG_5244 IMG_5254 IMG_5264 smaller IMG_5273 smaller
Final Chosen Photographs
IMG_5264 smaller

IMG_5273 smaller

IMG_5206 smaller

IMG_5149 smaller