Task One was an interesting experience this term. It made us implement a different set of skills compared to the other tasks. Less creativity and more information based.

We had to create a manual, telling people how to use the equipment and techniques we were taught over the course of this term. This included a number of different things, from how to make a pinhole camera to how to use Canon Flashlights.

My really enjoyed designing the manual. Because it was very linear and boxed, it involved a different kind of artistic eye that I haven’t really used since GCSE Product Design. It was difficult to find the right balance between being attractive and being easy to understand by the viewer.

My favourite part of my manual is the ‘How to make a pin-hole camera’ part. I feel it is informative with the perfect level of text and images. I also enjoyed writing how to turn a negative image into a positive print.

The part I like the least, is definitely my Outdoor lighting instructions. Outdoor lighting was the part that, though I could do it, struggled with. And I found it very difficult to put into informative words things I was struggling with myself.

I should of gone out with the outdoor lighting equipment more in my own time. It would of helped me grasp the lighting techniques I was struggling with if I had had the chance to go out and use the equipment on my own.

Overall, I am very happy with my manual, though certain parts are certainly stronger than others. I think it is informative and attractive.