Task Two was by far my favourite of the tasks. I found it challenging and frustrating at times, but it felt so rewarding at the end to have images I was proud of.

It took me a few goes to learn the right exposure times for my pin-hole, but once I did, I really enjoyed the experimentation involved. Some wouldn’t work at all while others would create interesting affects, and in the end, the interesting manipulations you could do was what I used in my project.

My idea was based around how the pin-hole seemed to distort the reality of the place, and create something that appeared dream-like and sinister. When I accidentally printed the positive image with the emulsion side facing the wrong way, it created this textured affect that reminded me of horror movies from the perspective of a shaky, grainy video camera. I decided to run with the idea, intending to use this affect for my final images.

When it came to what places I chose to create images of, I chose areas that, when devoid of people, took a disturbing, sinister quality. I can walk through the high street when it is crowded and not feel scared, but when the same high street is devoid of human life? I am constantly looking behind me, and walking just that little bit quicker.

I wanted to use the pinhole camera as an xray for these places. To show in a physical, viewable way how they make me feel when they have no people there.

If I could change anything? I’m not to sure, maybe used up less paper? It was quite an expensive project in that respect, but felt worth it in the end. I certainly wouldn’t of left my pinhole camera taped to a lampost in arms reach of people who though a foster can covered in gaffa tape was some kind of police thing and tore it down. I ended up having to make another one because of that.

If I was to do it again I would make more pinhole cameras, of different shapes and sizes and with different pinhole sizes. It would be interesting to see the different affect of different material.

Overal? Incredibly happy with this project, and happy with the result. Was a lot of fun to experiment and create and I think was a great first experience with pinhole photography. Certainly makes me want to do it again!