Masters of Lighting


  • Deconstruct light
  • Easiest way to understand light is in a studio
  • Lighting diagrams: so we can remember how we have constructed our lighting
  • Pull down an image and recreate it in the studio

Lighting Workshop Evaluation

During the day we rotated between the different roles. We also decided to try both outdoor and indoor photographs to practice lighting and photographs in different environments. We felt this helped us to experiment and gave us the opportunity to problem solve and learn from it.

We did five photographs all together, based on four different images. We had to recreate the images lighting as accurately as possible. This was a challenging task, but enjoyable. The most difficult image to recreate was the Rob Brydon magazine photograph. The background lighting was difficult to recreate, and the eventual solution we found involved part of the lighting equipment being in the background, which we had to edit out in photoshop. The fix for this would be to have a light that was on a stand, not hanging from the ceiling, but I believe that working with what we had, we created a successful picture.


Shutter Speed = 1/100 Aperture = 5.6

Shutter Speed = 1/125 Aperture = 22


Shutter Speed = 1/125 Aperture = 22


Shutter Speed = 1/100 Aperture = 16


Shutter speed = 1/ 100 Aperture = 22