• Tips and Suggestions to support your writing
  • Today we will look at the theory


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Writing skills are essential today in this media saturated society we live in.


  • When you start essay, include introduction, explains what you will be discussing
  • Write down in your own words what you think the essay title/ assignment is asking you to do
  • What do you already know about the subject
  • What do you know and where does that information come from?
  • What do you need to know in order to complete the assignment


Sources of Information


  • Plenty of places
  • Not one is considered better or worse
  • Just have to make sure you cite where everything comes from


Essay structure

  • Begginning: should lay out a summary of what you are going to discuss in your essay and evidence you should represent 200-300 words
  • The middle: should be where you layout your argument and expand on the discuss the evidence that supports your theory 1400-1600 words
  • Your conclusion: wrap everything up, summerise how the above points have helped support your argument 200-300 words


Support your reading, having identified what you need to know, now think about your reading.

  • Don’t put something in just because it’s interesting but not relevant
  • Underline things
  • Reread
  • Photocopy


When to quote

  • Quote the artist
  • Place the quote into your sentence
  • Do not take the persons ideas and not quote the author
  • You can either quote or paraphrase, it’s up to you
  • Make sure quotes are not just filling space or time

Essay Structure

  • Rewrite the question in your own words
  • Decide how you are going to approach the question
  • Run idea by tutor or peers
  • Write a short paragraph on how you are going to respond to it
  • This should be a starting point to your introduction


Essay Plan

  • It is all about planning
  • What main point are you going to make?
  • Make a spider diagram
  • Make less points but be more thorough, avoid essay being to general


Good connecting words

  • Therefore
  • Clearly
  • However
  • Similarly


Shift your perspective from the personal to the academic

  • Comments, accounts evaluates
  • Subject specific vocab
  • Information
  • Not personal opinion but concrete evidence


Points to consider

  • Don’t need to know everything, just enough to support argument
  • Essay should not just be descriptive
  • Don’t make same point with different examples
  • Don’t make it up!
  • Don’t generalize
  • Not all ideas will get into your essay, which ones will help you make your point?
  • You can go 10% over or under the 2000 word limit
  • Caroline may know more, that doesn’t matter, it’s how you tell it that does
  • Get out your ideas quickly then go back to articulate it
  • Clarity in writing is better than complicated sentence structure
  • Don’t use vocabulary you don’t understand
  • Don’t use words ending in ly (lovely, really – non academic)
  • Proof read each others
  • Print it out and make notes
  • Check your grammar sentence structure
  • Check your references are correct