Double Module

50% an 50% theory (essay)


The lectures/ workshops/ skills refreshers have been put in place to support you learning and understanding of photography in context.


Photography in practice brief:


Consider yourself as a professional and this module as an opportunity to experiment with putting in your own boundaries and experimenting with where you would like to see your photography.


  • You need to have a varied skills set
  • Writing, video, photography: you need to be able to do all of this to make yourself a better employee




  • Essay via turnitin November 4th @ midnight (you will have no staff support after 4pm)


  • Core assignment brief an research group work @ the eet office 4pm November 25th (NB you will need to present your work, failure to do so will effect your mark)


  • 10% of your mark will be group work




  • The class will be split to ensure there is an equal share of staff and resources.
  • Stick to allocated groups. Listed on the Moodle homepage.
  • If you want




  • Eloise Parkinson, Molly Pinner, Emma Shea, Aaron Sehmar
  • Group D
  • Self evaluation of groups
  • What did you like about working in groups?
  • What did you learn during the group work?
  • Has it changed how you practice your subject area?
  • What was your contribution to the group?




Research Groups 1st Task


  • Give Chantel your Gmail accounts se we can set up collaborative documents for you research
  • Research Pin Interest as to how you can use it as a learning tool



201MC Professional Practice


Jacqui Bleetman is the module leader


Have to go to classes (mandatory)




Term 1 finishes Decmeber 13th

Term 2 is Jan 6th – March 14th

Term 3 is March 17th – June 6th (the Easter break is two weeks into this term)