On Site Artists 

Joel Seinfeld

  • On The Site
  • Book by Joel Seinfeld
  • Sites across America where violence has happened
  • Long after the fact so free of sensationalism
  • Makes you look twice at areas you wouldn’t look at normally


Terry Kurgan

  • Joubert Park
  • How commercial photographers use the park
  • Takes photos of the photographers


Donovan Wyle

  • Maze 2009
  • Photographs of prison
  • Troubles in Northern Ireland
  • Shows you different layers of the ‘maze’
  • Felt he didn’t create anything decent in 2 years
  • Have to take times to figure things out


Peter Fraser

  • City In the Mind
  • Inspired by book ‘Invisible Minds’ By Italo Calvino
  • Wanted to make a piece of work about his experiences through London
  • Not analytical, emotionally responding
  • Sees the photographs as a portal into another world


Sunky Best

  • The Return of the Native
  • Only existed because it was done in Battersea park
  • Reintroduced native animals that are gone digitally into her images


Maciej Dakowicz

  • Cardiff after Dark
  • Shot digitally with available light
  • More like an intense documentary
  • Shows drinking culture n it’s truest form
  • Not at its best


Patrick Shanahan

  • Esperantis
  • Uncanny
  • Not everyday but you can’t put your finger on it: kind of Freudian idea
  • Post Topographics: got PHD creating new way of looking at photographs
  • Use of lights makes real look surreal
  • Inspired by Lynch


Melanie Manchot

  • Illegal to take photos in public places in Russia?
  • Performative portraiture
  • Interacting with the place and people


Corrine Silva

  • Imported Landscape
  • Interested in relationship between North Africa and Spain
  • Phtogoraphed new sites in North Africa and put them on billboards in Spain
  • Not told people why she has done it but asks people what they think


Susan Hiller

  • From the Freud Musuem 1991-6
  • Anthology of 50 objects
  • Belief objects
  • Mixed them up with other objects and reindexed them
  • Makes you consider why things are familiar
  • Think differently about the space you have entered or the people who created it


Tristan Hutchinson

  • It took strength to tackle those hills
  • Shows the declines of the towns
  • The recession
  • Damp and dark, bland


Jeanette Lowe

  • The Flats Memories and Perceptions of Reality
  • Photographed inhabitants of flat and exhibited them in the same site


Susanne Bosch

  • Ourselves Alone


Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

  • Railway Stations: the feel, atmosphere, the place
  • Site Specific Walks – video walks
  • Janet makes these things a lot, knows her site like the back of her hand
  • Will add a touch of fantasy to make you really look and think (footsteps behind you when nobody is there)
  • Fascinating look at the space today



  • Housemcdonaldwatson.wordpress.com


  • Looks at relationship between art, artist, viewer and the space it is shown/ viewed


Sophie Calle

  • Paris work
  • Made voyeuristic piece of work
  • After long time away from Paris: seven years
  • Part of bigger documentary about lots of different artists and there art
  • Went out into the street, followed strangers by chance
  • Stalked one person all the way to Venice!
  • Photographed mutual journey between her and stranger
  • What’s interesting is how one moment the people mean nothing to her, but the more she follows them the more attached she becomes
  • Becomes obsessed with the persons rituals


Taryn Simon

  • An American Index of Hidden and Unfamiliar
  • Discusses thirty secret sites in the USA
  • Most popular magazines and books in the mind get recreated in braille books for the blind
  • Most popular book is Playboy
  • Common everyday things
  • ‘Photography threatens fantasy’
  • Multiple truths attach every image
  • Confront the boundaries of citizens, both real and self imposed
  • ‘There are no all knowing absolute insiders’
  • Every image is accompanied by very detail factual text
  • Text funtions as cruel anchor that keeps the photographs anchored to reality, otherwise they could float away and become abstract and fantastical.