• Why do we need to look on somewhere other than Google?
  • There are certain books that you can only get in special collections
  • How can we find information that will help us understand a location better?
  • Look at the Birmingham Library
  • Coventry local history archive, Herbert Gallery: Images and Text for you to use, may have to book appointment
  • Looking at physical material is far more interesting and adds a more diverse level of research
  • Google Scholar: finds you more academic information


Being given general guide to using the library

Will help us use the Library to the fullest potential

  • How you can find information on the Birmingham library using our university library
  • Help you find newspaper articles local and national on a specific topic
  • Lots of photography journals in the library
  • Source magazine
  • When looking at books or journals keep in mind that there are research journals that are written by professionals and reviewed by academics
  • Make use of a bibliography to find something extra that is helpful/ interesting
  • The Library of Birmingham Research
  • New build, so not many books on it
  • Books on the old Birmingham Library


  • Through locate you can look at videos as well
  • Subject databases
  • Artful text – best database – use it!
  • ProQuest database: press preview of your search to view the abstract of the text
  • Lexis Library: more local information – newspaper articles
  • Website: A British Library
  • Coventry Local History Library
  • Art Full Text
  • Arts & Humanities Full Text
  • Academic Search Complete
  • Artists Books: Collection, photo-books


Small Group Task

Answer two questions

  1. Why was the Birmingham Library built in the first place?
  2. What was the local inhabitants feedback
  • Find local newspapers for this

This small task was incredibly useful, as it helped me to understand how to use the databases to hand to gather information I couldn’t usually find by trawling through Google.