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This project has tested me more than any previous project, and has made me come to some realisations about myself and my working practice.

I began the project by researching the given maps, and eventually began to narrow my research fields to more in depth analysis of desirable locations. This eventually led me to choose areas of nature as my desired locations.

What came next was development of ideas and research to back up my concepts, such as artists Kirsty Mitchell. However, my ideas changed and so did my chosen site. This shift happened relatively suddenly and I felt quite uncomfortable with acknowledging that I was changing my focus in a direction that was unfamiliar to my previous work. But, with that, I felt I had to move forward and explore the idea that would test me in ways I had not experienced, so after extensive research into the history of my new location, The Lady Herbert Gardens, and research into artists who supported and informed my new idea (e.g Tim Noble and Sue Webster), I moved forward into making my thoughts a reality.

Collecting the materials and creating the necessary props (my metal and glass, flowers, leaves, mushrooms) for my idea became an obsession over the course of the project, as the act of collecting the rubbish from the Lady Herbert Gardens had developed into being an incredibly important aspect to my endeavour, with my concepts and reasoning based around this act of removing the rubbish from the location and then placing it back in as something beautiful. I focused my efforts on the beer cans and the vodka bottle I collected, as my research into the gardens showed a large proportion of the complaints commented on antisocial drinking behaviour that was ruining the gardens atmosphere.

My intentions for this project were to create work that commented on the state of my specific site, and our involvement in it’s creation and degradation. The Lady Herbert Gardens are a man-made slice of nature in the centre of Coventry, yet we are destroying something that we created. I wanted my metal and glass works to not only be a physical representation of the fact that the Lady Herbert Gardens are man-made, but also a comment on the irony that we created something that we are destroying with the very rubbish I used to create those beautiful reminders. And how, inevitably, the gardens will no longer exist for us to make beautiful again, despite it being a conservation site.

In conclusion, I am in two minds about my final work. I spent so long creating the things necessary for the photographs, researching and developing my ideas, but I don’t know if my final images are striking enough to allude to point I am trying to make. I think my metal and glass creations certainly work the way I wanted them to in the photographs, and that the time and effort I put into there creation shines through in the high contrast, macro shots. Though, I am concerned that I spent to long making my imitations of nature and not enough time on the photographs. I get the impression the images are possibly to dark, and in the future I intend to create merely one print that is as large as I wish it to be, and then the rest as smaller maquettes, instead of settling for six images that are large, but not as large as I would really wish them to be.

This has been a stressful project for me, and I genuinely felt that the world was conspiring against me when it came to trying to just get the work done. But I am impressed with myself that I got it finished to the standard I did, and was capable of pushing through. So, on that note at least, I am incredibly happy with my work.








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