• Ten weeks
  • Address complex aesthetic, creative and technical issues
  • Visual messages associated with the photographic encounter with the body
  • Nude vs. naked



  • Open Class
  • Online community
  • Requires active engagement
  • A lot of stuff on the Google plus community and WordPress blog
  • Picbod.org: where the content will be
  • Looking for Moderators of community, of site Ownership
  • Can be tweeting
  • Blogs
  • Task 1… Task 2… (and alternative tasks)
  • Weekly tasks for the first five weeks of picbod
  • Can do the alternative task as well


At the end

  • Exhibition?
  • Projection?
  • Site-specific?
  • Publication?
  • Global?
  • Local?
  • All of the above?



  • Every week
  • Print work we will review/ look at
  • Can just do so on normal printer


Technical Workshops


Final Assignment

  • Already on Moodle
  • Time to think about it
  • Alongside the weekly sketchbook tasks, you should produce a single, lens based exhibition-ready ‘photographic piece’
  • Themes contemplated in the lecture series should be addressed within your work. Same rigor applies to the final product.
  • Submission must ecist both as a singularly unique and finely crafted physical object, as well as being infinitely replicable and readily communicable in a digital form. The student should explore and develop aspects of their final piece that exploit the full gamut of opportunities available in both the physical and digital
  • Can just expand on a weekly task