We were asked to look at different hoaxes online, to make us question the truth and freedom that we feel we are privileged to online.

I instantly thought of one the first hoax’s I remembered reading about online. The Tibet Antelope Hoax.
The hoax was perpetrated by wildlife photographer Liu Weiqing, who photoshopped two images together to give the impression that the endangered Tibetan antelopes (chiru) apparently were undisturbed by the Qinghai-Tibet railway that had been built.

‘In late 2006, Liu’s picture was declared one of the top ten “Photographs of the year” by CCTV, China’s state-run television network.’

It was then, through online and real life scrutiny, found to be nothing more than a hoax in an attempt to remove fears that the Tibet Railway was environmentally damaging and unsustainable.

Weiqing and his editor resigned from their jobs at the Daqing Evening News and the scandal created countless debates regarding ethics in media.

20080216_12 The Photoshopped image.
chinese_picture_editedPhotograph with annotations explaining what gave it away as a hoax.