• Photographing people we surround ourselves with
  • Alex Soph (photo series, Niagra):
    • goes around America with a shopping list of certain people he wants to photograph – photo comes across as rather standoffish
  • The Tribe could be our family
  • Larry Sultan: photographs of parents
  • Things can get uncomfortable when working
  • Mike Brode:
    • community of Punk rock hobos
    • became his tribe
  • Elinor Carucci
    • Photographed her family and partner and herself
    • Focused in on intimate moments
    • Moments we could relate to
    • ‘within what someone is willing to five and share you can push or pull a little …’
    • How can she be a mother and a photographer?
    • Walk a fine line between being a part of the moments and being just an observer.
  • Do you photograph your friend or family member in a place you are comfortable or a place they are comfortable? Do we take them somewhere where they do not feel safe but more exposed.
  • Need to think about the role of performance
  • Will we create something that is a performance or a record.
  • Carucci admits that she will not recreate but ‘extend’ moments to photograph them, but says they are still incredibly genuine
  • Sally Mann
    • ‘sets up’ photographs
    • ‘What Remains’
    • Video
    • Never thought of leaving home to take photographs
    • Found home fascinating
  • Authenticity
  • Validity
  • Performance
  • Record


  • Nan Goldin
    • Ballad of Sexual dependency
    • ‘The only thing you can really photograph is your own tribe. The only people I really photograph are the people I really love and generally I’ve known for years and so I photograph them over years.’
    • Self Portraits and portraits of family/ friends
  • Larry Clark
    • Tulsa
    • People didn’t believe that drugs, sex and violence happened to white middle class people
    • Showed that the things he photographed happened to a certain demographic
    • He was a part of the group
    • Was considered shocking because of the demographic he showed that people believed were above that behavior
    • Could take these intimate photographs because he was a part of these intimate moments.
  • ‘Sentimental Journey, Winter Journey’ <- Book: in the library
  • Ross Rawlings
  • Richard Rinaldi
    • ‘Touching Strangers’
    • Unlikely intimates
    • Some of them seem to show real intimacy/ relationship


Our Task

To photograph from the inside. Photograph as Nan Goldin says ‘Your Tribe’. Study someone you are close to and make images with them of an intimate nature.


Bear in mind your own vulnerabilities from the first task when you begin this new photographic relationship


Key things to think about

  • These images should reveal an intimacy
  • This should be a collaboration
  • Try this task with more than one member of your ‘tribe’
    • Who is your tribe?
    • How would you do this with different tribe member
  • Revisit names here for thought on intimacy and the tribe
  • We can furnish our portraits with objects or still life’s/ landscapes


Next week Jennifer Patterson will join us.

Become Familiar with her work.