Scanner trays of varying size – can book them out through the student loan shop.

Learning to use it!


  • Place Negative in the tray.
  • Use the negative cleaner (puffer thing) as otherwise the scanner picks up dust particles.
  • Open software called ‘Flexcolour’
  • Settings on computer: Setup, RGB (RGB Standard usually though you can customize), Frame size (should automatically pick it up).
  • You want RGB 16 Bits (standard is 8) so you get better quality scan: you get 65 thousand shade values with this setting
  • If you scan black a white you can choose black and white 16 bit, but it is suggested to use RGB even for black and white because you get more detail.
  • Select size of scanning you want (1600 – 2000 DPI is good size because then you can make it smaller if necessary)
  • Then do a preview scan
  • Once you have a preview scan, you can select area in image to make preview scan
  • Don’t include black area of frame because otherwise it will make adjustments based on the black frame as the darkest points in the image.
  • In corrections window you can change RGB balance
  • You can do RGB auto or choose the grey arrow in the center as that is the neutralization picker.
  • Undo button on right hand side
  • You can also forgo all of this and just scan it through as a raw and edit it in Photoshop after scanning it in.