We were asked to photograph at least two different people in our ‘tribe’. For this, I thought of two relationships with people I consider close to, but function in different ways.

I decided upon my friend Dale, who I live with, and my friends Jo and Harri, with their baby Vincent.

For taking the photographs I used my Pentax K1000 manual camera, and some incredibly old film that I was given for free. It was a bit of a risk using the film as there was the possibility it wouldn’t work at all. But other than it being a bit grainy I had no problems (and I actually quite like the old film effect the grain causes)

Dale was a much more uncomfortable subject for me to photograph, as I have never photographed him before. I asked to photograph him in his room, and asked him to do whatever made him feel comfortable.
He chose to not look at the camera and instead looked at his laptop, and sat it on his lap, almost as a wall between me and him. Despite this, it still felt like an intimate representation because I was in his room, and he wasn’t pulling a silly face like he usually does in front of a camera. To me he looked more exposed and vulnerable. However, I am aware that this does not necessary come across to the viewer.

For Jo and Harri, Vincent was very ill at the time, so I was already a part of a moment in their lives not many people get to see, as you don’t usually have visitors with a sick baby. They were both tired, and Vincent was grumpy, so I wanted to try and capture that intimacy of them feeling exhausted and trying to comfort their child.

I think I succeeded, especially with the photograph of Harri holding Vincent.

IMG_1699Test photos
IMG_1691Harri and Vincent
IMG_1698Jo and Vincent

I also had time to respond to the optional second task, called occupied spaces. We had to photograph spaces where people occupied together, and try and show that intimacy through the photographs.
I have two photographs of this, of the kitchen and of the bathroom. The bathroom one I think it massively more successful that the kitchen one, as the bathroom is a place that we all occupy, but never together, yet there is proof of all three of us living there (such as our three toothbrushes).

It was suggested in feedback that I could take this further, photographing stains of the mirror or steam on the window. Get closer to the signs of us occupying the same space separately.

IMG_1696 The Kitchen photo – I don’t think this one really succeeded in showing what I wanted to.
IMG_1695The bathroom photograph – showing our three toothbrushes together, we all occupy the bathroom, yet never together.