We were given and induction today of different Toners (and other things) we could use in the darkroom to manipulate the colour of our images. This was a great induction to something that really was a lot of fun to learn. And it was great to be taught something and then given the freedom to experiment.

For the purposes of this induction we were asked to bring in our own printed images to experiment with. I chose two of my photos from ‘The Tribe’ task and cut them into sections so I could experiment with them and see the difference between each separate technique.

Photo on 06-03-2014 at 02.06 Photo on 06-03-2014 at 02.07

Image 1

From Left to Right

Strip 1: Soaked in English Tea

Strip 2: Sepia Toner and then Gold Toner

Strip 3: Just Sepia Toner

Image 2

Large Strip: Blue Toner + Developer then Blue Toner again (possibly let the image wash longer to get rid of yellow)

Square Strip At Top Right Corner: Blue Toner + Gold Toner

Bottom Right Strip: Just Blue Toner