• Reality is subjective
  • Is reality really real?
  • Photography is perceived as a piece of truth – however we know this isn’t the case
  • ‘Convergence’ – redistribution of old media forms on new platforms
  • Not called Convergence now because we have arrived at convergence
  • We are the hive mind

What is a virtual world?

  • How do we know we are not just a sim?
  • CAVE UT and Kinect
  • Eventually reach the level of Star Trek’s holodeck
  • Flight Simulation – most accurate environment
  • Virtual environments take away the risk – but we risk a generation of digitally stimulated children who have no idea about the real world
  • Phantom Limb mirror therapy
  • Our brains are hardwired to believe something else that isn’t actually there.

Thirst for illusion

  • Immersive techniques have been utilised by artists
  • Does the making of a representation immediately move inot the realm of the virtual? And is virtual then immediately ‘almost truth’ and ‘almost real’.
  • When you photograph an apple, you are a part of the virtualisation of your world
  • Urban camouflage – lui bolin: blends into his surroundings, becomes a part of the background.