Artist Research
I looked at multiple different artists for my photo-set Work.

I looked at artists Robbie Cooper (Immersion) and Philip Toledano (Gamers).

I was primarily focusing on their chosen lighting for the images. Both photographers use the light from the screen, which creates this dynamic reality where the subject is being drawn into the light of the screen, while everything else is inconsequential to their reality.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 15.04.57 Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 15.03.47

I liked the idea of showing the repetition and obsessive nature we develop while attached to the digital world, and how dependant we have become on digital products when it comes to our work.

With that in mind, I looked at the video created by Noah Kalina

The only mild changes in appearance and lighting, with a constant repetition create the feeling of obsession, something which I, and i’m sure many others, feel when working with the digital world.

The digital world is a fantastic tool that has become irreplaceable. We have become dependant and repeat the same motions with our digital products again and again while feeling accomplished for how much we are achieving when, from an outside eye, we look rather gormless and enveloped in a digital reality.

Having finished my research, I came to the conclusion to create gifs to represent the concepts I was trying to conceptualise.

Production Research and Execution 

I researched multiple different ways to create gifs online, including finding website that offered to do most of it for you with just a simple upload of a video clip (

However, I eventually came to the conclusion that I wanted to make my gif from images, so researched, and discovered, videos telling me how to do so. It is, in fact, and incredibly simple process which I really enjoyed.

With my production research being very fruitful, I endeavoured to take between 18-20 images for each gif set. I set up my camera in my room on a tripod, and set it to a ten second timer and a setting that meant it would take 10 continuous photos at a time.

lighting diagram WORK 1 lighting diagram WORK 2

Sadly my camera doesn’t have the option to take 20 continuous images, as I had to get up to press the button on the camera to take the next set of ten for the gif, and try to get back into a position that was close to the one I was previously in, as to not break the flow of the gif. It made taken the images troublesome, however, I succeeded in doing so and was able to very easily put together my ten gifs in photoshop.

For some I kept the light on, and for others I kept the light off and only had the light of the camera in the gifs. This is so I can create a kind of narrative in my images, showing how the world slowly falls away and I become encased in my, digital reality based, work.