Artist Research 

There was one primary inspiration for my ‘Rest’ set, and that was videos like these.

Time lapses are, for me, strangely therapeutic to watch. They make something that would otherwise be rather boring to watch in real time absolutely fascinating.

This resonates with me when I think about how I, myself, ‘rest’. My idea of a truly lazy, restful, day is me being online, scrolling through tumblr, watching videos and shows online and generally things that are absolutely fascinating for me, and completely engrossing, but everyone else would find it awfully mind-numbing to watch me do it.

And, so I decided to do a time-lapse video of me doing just that.

Production Research and Execution 

I booked out a Canon 5D mark II for this video, and luckily, thanks to my first year of university, had at least a vague grasp on what I needed to do with it to create a video.

I recorded myself from multiple different areas of my room, creating a basic storyboard of how I wanted the images to go from being brighter to darker and lead from me being at my desk and moving around with my laptop to being in bed.

I also recorded my actual screen, showing me scrolling through tumblr and watching videos.

I chose the music for the video based on how connected I am to the internet constantly. I picked Lindsey Sterlings ‘Crystallize’

Lindsey Sterling has become incredibly popular through Youtube, and connects with her fans through the internet. She has amassed a large online following through this method, so I thought it would be apt to use her music for my video.

I edited the video in Adobe Premier Pro, which was difficult for me at first because I hadn’t used it in so long. Luckily my idea was relatively straight forward so didn’t actually require to much complicated editing.

I did use a couple of online videos to help me:

I think my video definitely does what I want it to do. I wanted it to show the constant connection we have with being online and how we feel we are doing ‘things’ when, in reality, we are basically acting like a zombie staring at a screen.