Neil Postman’s essay on ‘Bullshit and the Art of Crap-Detection’ was incredibly interesting and humorous to read, though honestly Postman became pretty pretentious throughout it, and his self awareness of the fact didn’t make him sound any less like a douche (excuse the language). However, the points he was making were relevant to society today. Bullshit runs virtually unchecked throughout the internet and mainstream media, and it has fallen to the viewing populace to be the ones to call people out on it.

Each and every day we are bombarded with the most basic of lies. From magazines throwing unrealistic concepts of beauty down our throat to what Postman refers to as ‘inanity’ bullshit being sold to us as complete unarguable facts from ‘news’ outlets like Fox News and the DailyMail.

What has actually begun to to surface online is people making fun of the bullshit that we are subjected to daily. There is a growing intolerance for the lies we have been expected to just accept for so long, and though it is incredibly slow, I do believe change is, slowly, happening.

As for Postman’s belief that we should ‘find a way to teach this is schools’, I think he is seriously underestimating how sensitive peoples ‘crap-detectors’ are becoming, without making something that you learn through age a compulsory school lesson. I agree with the notion that ‘one man’s bullshit is another man’s catechism’, and that peoples views are incredibly subjective, but what you teach in schools is the ability for people to think for themselves and not be dictated by the beliefs of their family. You teach them to look inwards and make their own decisions by giving them all the information you can, but expecting teachers to be able to teach children how be internally critical when there are some adults who haven’t mastered that skill is putting to much expectation on teachers and not enough on the person themselves to grow the hell up and learn not be a dick.

This is pretty much turning into a rant about how I believe people blame teachers for everything instead of taking responsibility, so I should probably bring it to a close. However, I will end on the note that I do agree with Postman’s definitions of ‘bullshit’, and I definitely believe that none of it is going to disappear. But out ‘crap-detectors’ are evolving along with it, so it’s not a lost fight just yet.


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