New Direction

Having been given the idea to explore my images and personal opinion of my body in a different manner to my previous idea, I went back considered my thought process during the images. Instead of trying to detach myself from the photographs I have taken, I have instead thrown myself into the concept, analysing my thoughts and feelings towards my photographs and the imperfections themselves.

My new idea is based around this new approach.

I realised that, by attempting it to detach from my images, I was trying to protect myself from how much I despise what I was showing people. But if, instead of detaching myself and hiding behind this overdramatic display of an autopsy report, I take it back to being a basic, honest and personal analysis of my body, I can create a much more intimate creation that could better convey some meaning to the audience.

New Idea

My new idea is to still keep the images as what I consider an incredibly honest, almost brutally so, analysis of my skin. However, instead of keeping my emotions distant from the idea, I want to convey a real meaning for putting myself in such an open and exposed situation. I will put all of my emotions into this work, and try and put people in my shoes when they look at my images.

I want to create images that still focus on the imperfections, but couple this with photographs that also show me as more than just a piece of skin. Instead, I want my emotions to be noticeable through my final artefact, and I want to make them something that the viewer can understand and even sympathise with.

What I Need To Do Now

I intend to now go and research photographers and other sources of information to develop the idea and give me the tools to better convey my feelings and ideas behind this idea.

I want the final artefact to be an informed creation, not something purely created for the sake of appearing attractive.

If anything, with what I have photographed of myself, I want the final artefact to be anything BUT attractive.