These are some quick sketches of my thought process for my final photo-shoot.

Basic plan:

  • Photograph in a studio so I have better control over the lighting and background (the background in my Nude and Naked images was incredibly distracting)
  • Book out a Canon 5D (keep own camera on standby in case not possible)

Ideas for photo-shoot:

  • Self portraits of my own body, focusing on cuts, scars, bruises etc.
  • Basically focusing on ‘imperfections
  • Have the whole photo-shoot appear medical and very ‘straight laced’.
  • In post production, add annotations to the photographs (in the form of ‘medical notes’ and possibly red circles around the different imperfections on the skin)
  • Medical Notes: Type of Imperfection (cut, scar, bruise, burn), How I got it, Age etc.


  • Place photographs in a ‘Medical File’
  • Have medical gloves accompanying it
  • Make the viewer interact with the photographs like they were a medical analysis on my body


Currently, I really like this idea. I am open to it changing and developing depending on feedback and how the photo-shoot itself ends up looking, but at the moment I think the idea is interesting and has some promise.

For this idea, I have looked at actual medical files online and also looked up some autopsy photographs and autopsy drawings, as this project is developing into my own personal autopsy of my own skin, and I currently intend to produce and display it as such.