My Final Idea for Picbod has finally become cemented in my mind.

I want to show my body in a brutally truthful and analytical fashion. I want to show every cut, scar, bruise and abrasion I can in my photographs. The purpose of doing this is to give people an insight into how I analyse my own body, while at the same time I want to try and give the impression that these parts of our skin are completely normal and not something that is unnatural, like how the media tries to make us believe.

I want to have two different types of photographs.

The first will be photographs showing the form of the body and the imperfections of my skin in a broader sense, in context with the rest of my skin.

The second will be incredibly close up, probably cropped, photographs highlighting the different imperfections of my skin.

My hope from this project is to normalise what should of always been normal. I want to make the viewer more comfortable with the concept that skin isn’t this perfect flawless surface but a canvas of our lives that documents our hardships and progression with scars and wrinkles. And that is what makes it something to be cherished, not a reason to despise like so many people, including myself, do.

If one person walked away from seeing my work feeling a little bit more comfortable in the natural state of them and their skin, I would consider my project a success.